I am a master student at Tsinghua University. I am interested in research topics in data management e.g. similarity search and data cleaning.


  • Data Management


  • MEng in Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, 2016 - 2020

    Tsinghua University

  • MEng in Production System Engineering, 2016 - 2017

    RWTH Aachen University

  • Bachelor of Economics, 2014 - 2016

    Tsinghua University

  • BEng in Energy, Power System and Automation, 2012 - 2016

    Tsinghua University


GOGGLES: Automatic Training Data Generation with Affinity Coding
AutoER: Automated Entity Resolution using Generative Modelling
Real-Time Pattern Matching with Dynamic Normalization
Dynamic Pattern Matching with Multiple Queries on Large Scale Data Streams